About College

Geethanjali College of Engineering & Technology has been structured to take head on the changing trends of technology. The idea of setting up the college emerged when no other college could cater to the needs of a student in his/her endeavor to acquire wholesome education. The very strength of Geethanjali lies in its principles of providing the right learning environment for the student who does not have to compromise throughout the learning process of becoming a global citizen. The college recognizes that the rapidly changing technological landscape would require young technocrats with an understanding of evolving technologies, but also with a global perspective. A major goal of Geethanjali is to impart a uniquely broad and interdisciplinary Engineering education of the highest academic quality. This is achieved through an integrated curriculum that consists of a highly diverse set of technical courses, interdisciplinary research projects, day-to-day interaction with industry, and preparation in entrepreneurship and personality development courses.


Geethanjali College is organizing 14th National Technical Paper and Project Congress which serves as a perfect platform for the young Generation to excel and sharpen their intellectual skills in General and Technical skills in particular for which participation is invited. The two day National Technical Paper and Project Presentation Congress will throw immense opportunity for the students to enrich their technical skills by interacting with renowned professors and resource persons who will grace the occasion.
Bhaswara fest conducted by Geethanjali College encourage many aspirants to actively participate in the events conducted as part of it and even more.
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